Welcome to my site which is a politico analyst. Basically my aim is to make this site is to share my views, opinions and experiences to my viewers and followers through this blog. I hope you will like and appreciate my little efforts. So firstly I am thinking to give you an overview of the United States political system. In comparative politics you can study about the different country politics. It is also called the domestic politics. This is one of the very basic courses which every international or political science student have to take in college. Well, I think this is a very good step taken by the U.S government. Every citizen of the United States knows the system of their country which they can easily evaluate or you can say compare with other country systems. So let’s start with the U.S.A political system. The system of United States:

  1. The system of the United States is different from rest of the countries and the system is known by the term Federal System. Now “What is Federal system?” the answer to this question is that the power is distributed among the states and the national (or central) Government. National Government is also considered by the term Federal Government.
  2. Now, the Federal Government is also sub-divided into 3 branches or I also can say arms, there are nearly around 50 States in United States of America and each state has its own Governor, which is formed by proper elections and along with that there is a Legislature which includes both State Senate and a State House.
  3. According to the federal republic constitutional of the U.S, the president or I can say the head of the government or state can share power with the federal government or the state government.

The Legislature is independent from the executive branch which is headed by United States of America’s president. The candidate for the president of the United States elected for 4 years, who win with the maximum number of votes. The power of the legislature is divided into two parts: first one is the senate of the government and another is representatives of the house of the government. During the American civil war there were two main parties which are Republican Party and another was the Democratic Party. The power of the president of the United States of Americas’ is he can nominate or receive any ambassadors of any party.