The American President (Barack Obama)

Today, I am going to share some information of the President of the United States “Barack Obama”. As we know that the United States is considered as the powerful leader of the world so he has several works and duties such as commanding the armed forces and signing bills. He also works with his advisors in the cabinet. I think that Barack Obama was become popular or I can say rising star in American politics. Barack Obama was born in 1961 in Hawaii and His parents divorced when he was young. He went to the United States for his studies at Columbia University. After few years he joined the Harvard Law School. After completing his degree he got married with Michelle Robinson. Barack Obama became a lawyer of civil rights in Chicago.

As the President of the United States he has many responsibilities such as putting law into effect. The president of America is the commander of the Army and he has the power to send soldiers for any war. I think the American President is one of the most effective and powerful people in the world. He can also take decisions for making relationship with other countries. The president is considered as the State head and meets with other nations leaders. A president of the United States serves for four years and has the right to be elected for second time. As I know there are some rules to become a president of the United States such as the person should be minimum 35 years old, should have lived in the United States for 14 years and must be born there. i found some interesting things related to gaming world while  exploring the US policies.

The president is also the head of government’s executive branch. If the Senate wants a new law then the bill should be passed by him. If the president is not agreed then it can’t be a law directly and it’s called a veto. If two third of Congress’s members vote against the veto then it becomes a law. The president works with the cabinet which is a group of members selected by him and gives the important information to the president. I can say that the life of the American president is very busy. He joins many conferences and meets hundreds of people every day. The American president lives in the White House and he does his most of the work in the Oval Office. I hope this post would be helpful for those who need to know about the president of the United States.