A clear parallel between politics and online gambling

It is very clear to me that people treat voting as gambling. Imagine you are in Las Vegas playing in your favorite casino, or maybe you are playing online. And so there you go and you place a bet in your preferred game, or you spin those slots. And for an instant, you hope that everything will turn out just like you hoped, and you will be making some money off your bet.

Now imagine you are voting for president. You place your vote hoping that if your candidate wins you will be better off because he will do all the things that he promised and therefore your situation will improve.

It’s gambling! You are not sure when you place a bet or a vote about the outcome, and this is the key: you have no control over the outcome. It depends on variables that are not under your control. So my advice is that you leave the superstitions behind and the naive beliefs that things are magically going to fall into place and improve your situation without your direct involvement. And that you simply enjoy the pleasure of gambling. Go to your fav casino or play online, play pokies, roulette, baccarat, poker or whatever you like. You will have fun and probably lose a little bit of money, hell maybe make some. But don’t go in there with the illusion that you are going to turn around and make enough to cancel our mortgage, that never works.

Treat gambling as a fun pass time. And you should probably do the same with politics if you enjoy its analysis but don’t fall for the lie that things are finally going to happen the way you would like them to. You yourself and only you can change your reality.

Greatest Online Gambling Machine of 2015

Developed by Microgaming, the Robin Hood Feathers of Fortune offer fresh and exciting winnings. It is the latest release online slot, which considered the best among the others casino game.

Aside from giving excitement, winnings, and extravagance, this Australian pokie shares humour to players as it transforms Robin to different bird species. It shows a silly side, yet garnered positive feedback from the players.

Similar to other gambling online websites, win bigger prizes and bonuses through the unique 243 ways. Moreover, it is a 5 reel slot where winning combinations should be combined from left to right to win. But as far as winning is concerned, you don’t need to align all combinations just to get the prizes. This is one of the best features of the game, which make it outstanding and remarkable to players. With this online pokie real money, grab winnings and payouts more often.

Aside from the usual gaming routines, this poker game has an enticing bonus level and 100x multipliers that prompt 15 free spins feature. Through the free spins feature, double your winning when the Robin Hood 3, 4, 5 “Wanted” posters show on the reels.

Funny about this online machine is he appears as a Turkey. When he surfaces either on 1 and 5 reels, the Archery Bonus is activated. You have to shoot the nine sacks of gold in a form of 5 arrows. These arrows include mystery multiplier from 2x and 15x, which you can get as a bonus.

Playing this Aussie machine is readily available for all as it doesn’t require big amount to start playing. With 15 coins as the maximum bet, get over 60,000 rewards in the base game, Free Spins of 121, 500, and more than a bonus game of 1,125.

Above are the best reasons why I love this Australian poke too much, even with the emergence of other similar online Australian poker game on the web.