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United States Economy

I am collecting news and United States related information to share with you. According to the latest data it is the world’s largest economy and the population of the United States is 314 million. The economy of America grew up this last year around 3.8% and it was the 12th freest economy indexed in the last year (2014). In the North America region out of the three countries the United States of America counts at the second position. But still it is not ranked in the top 10 freest economy. I also can say that the economy of the United States is quite lucky so its growth does not hurt very much, so it is very good for the trade marketing channel consumers. But now the economy growth is increasing.

In 2014 the president of the United States gave employment to reduce the unemployment rate. Starting 10 years, it worked very well in fact it ranked in the top 10 in 2006. But after 2006 it faced a dramatic decline so, it loosed almost 6 points along with the property rights, government control and corruption freedom. United States has a record to lose freedom of economy continuous seven years. Since 1995-2014 U.S counted the worst economy system with 1.2 points. The president of the United States of America, Barack Obama won the election and he did very hard effort to make the economic system better and with his effort the U.S indexed for the 12th freest economy. It was a serious concern about the U.S economy. With the help of finance and health care areas the scope and the size of the U.S government expanded but, as a result of which the economy of US Government decline.

The excessive use of government regulatory services initially helps in improving the financial sector, energy sector and also in health sector but, this expansiveness leads to some disastrous circumstances like increase in corruption and also cronyism. playing games is of much fun and impact in the US economy.The beneficial thing with the currency of the United States is that all transactions all over the world are in US dollars. This means that before any international transaction every country has to get currency from the United States. They have safe hands in this they can print as much currency as they want. That’s why the currency of the United States is strongest currency of the world. For example, if any country is buying oil than the payment of that will only be done in US dollars which mean they will convert their currency into US dollars. This is the most beneficial thing for the United States. These are some factors which play the main part in the United States economy.

Miniature Aircrafts – Drones

Drones are the miniature aircrafts operated by the remotes or automated pilots at the ground. My post contributes to the intro about the drones and the features they possess.

Also known as the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), these drones comes in various sizes and types. And as compared to aircraft with real pilot, these unmanned aircrafts are preferred more as they can remain for more time on the fly. Moreover as they fly remotely, so are less risky and also cheaper to military aircrafts. The control of the drones may be given either to the remote control automated system or the external control via ground or at some other place. Initially UAV were used to work remotely, as the time passed, they changed to the autonomous system control. And in today’s advanced technological era, these automated systems are being adopted at an increasing rate in various fields.

When we talk of expanding range of this technology, we came to know that UAV spread its wings in the areas like civil applications, military functions, armed attacks, sports, scientific research, archaeology, and many more fields that require innovative methods. These unmanned vehicles largely classified into two types- one for missiles in military purposes and other category for surveillance and reconnaissance. if it comes to the technology for me, it go for the gaming at the casino as it is the most promising field for me as a source of fun.

As per the future perspective, experts claimed UAV’s to be of immense use in most of the advanced fields. They are expecting to reach at the incredible heights not yet reachable by present drones or unmanned vehicles. They can be replaced with the high power satellites for identifying unpredictable situations. Also their capabilities can also be matched with the gliders in the coming future. Moreover, the trend of automated systems will going to be highly advanced with the enhancement of managing multiple UAV with a single controller. With this, the military persons will be able to perform more than single task. With all such advancement, price becomes secondary and a negotiable thing.

Not an exaggeration, but UAV seems to perform most of the tasks that human can’t supposed to do practically, if speed and other factors taken into consideration. This is a fact that a human can’t compete with a machine in all cases, although it’s an invention by human. But experts are trying to achieve a lot more in this field. Like the UAV helping out the flood relief in Colorado, their use in the US coast guard for the interdiction purposes.

US changing laws for torture

The US policies has changed a lot from few years, in terms of extracting the confidential and useful details from the. This may be the after effect of the tragic event occurred on 9/11. This is because before this incident US was the strongest supporter for the human rights and freedom. And suddenly things changed dramatically and they decided to use torture as a weapon in the war. Through this post I tried to focus on this crucial issue with my opinions and some facts being utilized.

The first thing that we think is what is actually a torture? In simple terms it is the excessive physical and mental pain applied in the custody to a person suspected of any crime. This is used to reveal the truth in many cases, but the actual way is changing drastically which is simply inhuman for a human being to tolerate. As a common example, we all are very well aware about what US behaved in the Abu Ghraib incident and then Bush expressed so much guilt for this. But in reality they are hiding their faces as treating the torture as a war against terrorism.

This can be well understood with the old facts and reports as how US treated the terrorism suspects with the in human techniques, by using shocks, burning and other mental as well as the physical injuries. Moreover, abusive ways of interrogation and cruel treatment in the jails is the common treatment given to the mere suspects, which may be the innocent people, but revealing that truth also takes years, or sometimes never. If we consider the 2003 report, the case of Peter Arnett can be observed closely, where the freedom of press has been purely neglected. Similarly, the 2010 report also states that the citizen rights have been violated by the government. There are many questions that may strike such as- is torture so crucial that its prohibition may harm US with loss of information. And if it is so much compulsory to follow, does the extent cannot be framed and limited to certain legal specified limit, so that it seems official and mandatory, but not as a bad impression among everyone.

A proper skillful and professional interrogation can be quite fruitful instead of being so hard. This is because there is no guarantee of true results through strong pressure on the suspected; rather there is much probability that the suspect will give wrong information because of the threat and to get out of this terrible situation as soon as possible. So it’s better to be fair to get fair results.

US foreign Policy and Obama Doctrine

Obama doctrine is a general style or approach of working used by the U.S. President Barack Obama in his foreign policy via his presidency time period. He thinks really different and applied new strategies for the foreign policy unlike the previous policies used by previous presidents of this strong economy. This article is an attempt to highlight the crucial aspects of the foreign policy and what are the important things being emphasized in it to make it worthful and produce fruitful results for the economy. As per the way I perceived the things, I believe that things has changed dramatically from the Washington’s time. And today the people and many members of the parliament house also believe that the US is a part of the whole world and can’t sustain running alone with his own beliefs.

In general, the foreign policy is the responsibility of the President himself. He establishes talks with the presidents of other countries to resolve the global issues with the optimum solution while maintaining the peace. With the president, other senates also contribute a big part to shape the foreign policy of the country. The other motivating field for the Aussies is the online games. While the term “Obama Doctrine” is a common term used before the Obama became the president and was only stood as the part of the candidature. But after the selection, he focused on some of the basic issues to be included in his foreign policy. He believed in negotiation with the countries and to focus more in the international organizations. He focused on the more treaties and thus to work for the economy. Also he believed to present America as a part of all, inspite of an “exceptional” force or power of the economy.

US kept in mind several points to include in its foreign policy, Such as maintaining a good relation with the allies, enhancing the human rights, equality of the power among the various countries, preserving the national security of the country, global involvement in the international organizations and to cooperate for the foreign investments. The focus of this foreign policy is to rebuild the partnership and relations with the other countries which will help in the wars or any other challenges or threats. Also, the solution to the Iraq war was also of a big concern for the officials.


We are living in 21 century. We want everything very advanced in our daily life. And I think now the best technology is Robotics. Most of countries use the robotics technology very widely. Or I can say it’s a branch of the artificial intelligence. Today robots are using almost in every field. Robots are these technologies by which our works become very easy. Sometimes these would be harmful for the humans because they have no senses or emotions, they are just machines. Robotics technology would be very popular in future. another name of the innovation is the pokies slot games growing world wide.

In today’s time robots are capable to do lots of different tasks and these are growing very rapidly. So here I am going to tell types of robots:

Industrial Robots: These industrial robots are mostly used in industry manufacture work. In this industry their work are mostly handling the material, painting work, welding work etc. because one robot are capable to do ten people work.

Military Robots: This is very unique and I think very good way to use robots in the war. The inventions of the robots are generally for the military and war purposes because they can’t be destroyed by the bullets or guns. And the benefit of the robots in the military is that they can also use as a bomb disposal.

Entertainment Robots: I can start or explain these types of robots are used in toy robots which kids mostly like. These remote toys come in different varieties.

Domestic Robots: Due to rapid advancement in technology mainly in the artificial intelligence, as a result of which we can now use robots as a part of a family. These types of Robots performs all the daily routine work in homes like cleaning, dusting but in order to use robots for this kind of stuff, we require different robotic devices like robotic sweepers, vacuum cleaners and many more. Some telepresence robots are used in homes as household robots.

Medical Robots: Now Robots are considered as the part of the medical science and used in many medical institutions. Operations that require more precision like surgery are performed by these technologies and these robots are fall in a category of “Surgery Robots“.

Service Robots: As far as i know, there is no such application as Service Robots. The robots which fall in this category are generally made for Show-Off or may be used for data gathering.

I hope this article will help you to enhance your knowledge regarding robot technology.

US Strategic Policy

In this post, we will discuss about the US Strategic Policies. I can say that there are many fields where US is approaching their strategic such as global environment, international impact of terrorism and instability of economics. As we know that United States is having the place of unparalleled military power, large economics and great political influence. It is looking for those effective ways which could be helpful in making balance of the strength and power to favor human life and freedom. I can say US looks for peas so it is making better relations with the great powers and growing countries. US is fighting with tyrants as well terrorists for protecting the peas. US has to face many strategic challenges such as nuclear proliferation, the rise of China and international terrorists. There are some points which can be beneficial for a grand strategy. The first think is to take the planning very seriously, thinking the strategy as a process and starting from the first principle. U.S. officials should know about several things like the influence they can afford, preferable issues and geographical regions. A grand strategy requires the basic objectives to be success or achieving the goals.

  • Preventing attacks and defeating global terrorism.
  • Defusing regional conflicts by working with others.
  • Protection from threatening by the enemies with mass destruction weapons.
  • To built the democracy infrastructure for expending the development.
  • Creating agendas for corporative environment with the help of the global powers.
  • Enhancing the national security and solving the challenges for new possibilities of twenty-first century.

I can say that the United State would encourage the new and effective methods for advancement of democracy. The incident of September 11, 2001 is the biggest reason to think that a small and weak country such as Afghanistan could be dangerous to any country in the world. I think freedom is considered as the non-negotiable requirement of human peace and dignity. The casino industry is also flourishing in the US at a rapid rate. The United States takes many steps to increase the freedom of religion. Fighting against terrorism with global reach is very difficult unlike other wars. The leadership requires many things for destroying it such as commanding, controlling, communication and material support. The United States need time and resources for creating international relationships. I hope this post would be informative for knowing the US Strategic Policies.

Syria truth

Syria, a country in the Western Asia is a place with diverse religious groups and ethics with the beautiful fertile plains and the wonderful desserts and other exotic places to attract. In past time, this country faced tremendous challenges and the kind of violence with the killing of many people. It has been tried in this post to illustrate the condition running in this country in the previous years.

The violence started when few children were arrested for painting some anti-graffiti content over the walls. They were severely tortured and some of them were also killed that ignited the flames of the violence and the destruction. The people have started the protests because of the deaths and the government inability to punish the culprits. There is also a Syrian civil war which is a conflict between the long run government and the people. The Assad family is running the country for a long time since 1971, which is not so hard line in the religions. The people are not so protective on their laws but they use to have the issues with the failure in the field of economic and the political reforms. The chemical weapons attack happened were also the example of the civilian war. Hundreds of children were killed and still the inspectors were making the enquiries.

There are various hazardous impacts of this destruction including the massive drain of the Syrian people forcefully from their home who were caught in the violence. Each day many people came across the border and this figure reached to one million as per the UN reports. It’s really painful that people have lost their homes and they are living in such tough conditions with even no basic requirements available. It doesn’t seem that things will going to be changed so soon. There is a need for a revolution. When my visit to Australia, i went for the deep discussion and analysis. also the nights went by pokies game. This is not a fight among the black and whites. This is a deep question with a long debate discussion needed for an answer. The thing to realize after so much discussion is that the focus is to control the violence in the Syria and to provide an international platform including the countries Russia, Iran, Turkey so that the talks can be made and the official may get the satisfactory results of all such tragic incidents. We can only hope as a human being for the humanity and better life.

Nelson Mandela

In this post I am going to give you a small intro of the Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was very soft-spoken and anti-racism person. He was born on 18 July 1918, Transkei, South Africa. He qualified his BA degree in 1942. After that in 1943, he joined African national congress party. I have read many biographies of the Nelson Mandela. He was such a very great person for the South Africa. He was the first only who started the campaigned against the black African all over the world. Or I can say he is the symbol of democracy. He is famous as Martin Luther as well as Mahatma Gandhi. He was the only person who worked alone for the South Africa. My experience of searching info is always cool as i used to do my best time pass of the gaming.  and i heard of betting also of hike now days. Nelson Mandela was the supporter of the violence because he did see that many protests against government with non-violence hadn’t achieved. Nelson Mandela believed that every person either black or white has its own quality and they both have ability to achieve it aims.

Everyone knows Nelson Mandela, who won Oscar award and has been a great politician. He was fighting for the racial equality for 60 years. He has won many awards such as Freedom Award, the International Peace, the Nobel Peace Prize and the United Nations Human Rights Fourth Award. He was taken into custody for sabotage and kept in South African jail for 27 years. After few years he became the president of South Africa and worked very hard for political development. He went to a primary school in Qunu and finished the Junior Certificate from Clarke buries Boarding Institute.

He completed his secondary education from Healdton. Nelson Mandela went to University College of Fort Hare for his Art degree but could not complete it because he joined a student protest and expelled from there. He also worked as a mine security officer as well an estate agent and after few years he completed his bachelor degree of Arts from the University of South Africa. He did a law diploma of two years and after completing the diploma he established the first black law firm of South Africa with Oliver Tambo in 1952. I can say that he had played a key role in ANC in 1950s. So at the end I just want to say Nelson Mandela was the great person who did fight against the black Africans.


The popular BRICS group is a combination of world’s developing economies including 5 countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and the South Africa. Initially there were only 4 members, the last member South Africa has been introduced later on. This post is going to focus on the BRICS summit and its formation. The BRICS meetings were started since 2009 and then it held annually to maintain better economic facilities and to build positive global relations among the all members. All the members of the BRICS count a big part to the world’s total population in terms of the GDP. And if some surveys and reviews were believed, these 5 powerful countries expected to become world’s biggest economy, preceding the US. Also, researchers said that by 2020 the BRICS nations going to be the part of the top ten economies of the world. No doubt China is going to have the biggest hand in it.

The analysts assume that working together by these world powers would surely mutually benefit all of them and certainly creates the future perspectives and a broad ways for the development. As the china is a master in the manufacturing of the goods, while Brazil and Russia in the raw materials. The people also have some interest in the online games all around the world. India is also supposed to provide services in the future run for the improved growth of the economy. For achieving all of these, the member countries use to conduct regular meetings and the discussions about the important topics and the changes they need to follow to build up the economy at a greater pace and to settle it as a strong place in the world map. Each of the meetings has a specific issue to discuss and work upon. Like the latest 2014 summit has the agenda to produce a New Development Bank and a reserve pool amount of the US $100 billion. The headquarter of NDB supposed to be in Shanghai and it is made to represent all the member countries. It is believed to be a challenge for the IMF and the World Bank, as supposed by some of the analysts because they believe that IMF is not doing well, because of the non-implementation of the 2010 reforms. The first president of NDB will be from India and the first regional office will be operated in Johannesburg. The members are believing that this bank will work as a big stock for them.