Nelson Mandela

In this post I am going to give you a small intro of the Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was very soft-spoken and anti-racism person. He was born on 18 July 1918, Transkei, South Africa. He qualified his BA degree in 1942. After that in 1943, he joined African national congress party. I have read many biographies of the Nelson Mandela. He was such a very great person for the South Africa. He was the first only who started the campaigned against the black African all over the world. Or I can say he is the symbol of democracy. He is famous as Martin Luther as well as Mahatma Gandhi. He was the only person who worked alone for the South Africa. My experience of searching info is always cool as i used to do my best time pass of the gaming.  and i heard of betting also of hike now days. Nelson Mandela was the supporter of the violence because he did see that many protests against government with non-violence hadn’t achieved. Nelson Mandela believed that every person either black or white has its own quality and they both have ability to achieve it aims.

Everyone knows Nelson Mandela, who won Oscar award and has been a great politician. He was fighting for the racial equality for 60 years. He has won many awards such as Freedom Award, the International Peace, the Nobel Peace Prize and the United Nations Human Rights Fourth Award. He was taken into custody for sabotage and kept in South African jail for 27 years. After few years he became the president of South Africa and worked very hard for political development. He went to a primary school in Qunu and finished the Junior Certificate from Clarke buries Boarding Institute.

He completed his secondary education from Healdton. Nelson Mandela went to University College of Fort Hare for his Art degree but could not complete it because he joined a student protest and expelled from there. He also worked as a mine security officer as well an estate agent and after few years he completed his bachelor degree of Arts from the University of South Africa. He did a law diploma of two years and after completing the diploma he established the first black law firm of South Africa with Oliver Tambo in 1952. I can say that he had played a key role in ANC in 1950s. So at the end I just want to say Nelson Mandela was the great person who did fight against the black Africans.