We are living in 21 century. We want everything very advanced in our daily life. And I think now the best technology is Robotics. Most of countries use the robotics technology very widely. Or I can say it’s a branch of the artificial intelligence. Today robots are using almost in every field. Robots are these technologies by which our works become very easy. Sometimes these would be harmful for the humans because they have no senses or emotions, they are just machines. Robotics technology would be very popular in future. another name of the innovation is the pokies slot games growing world wide.

In today’s time robots are capable to do lots of different tasks and these are growing very rapidly. So here I am going to tell types of robots:

Industrial Robots: These industrial robots are mostly used in industry manufacture work. In this industry their work are mostly handling the material, painting work, welding work etc. because one robot are capable to do ten people work.

Military Robots: This is very unique and I think very good way to use robots in the war. The inventions of the robots are generally for the military and war purposes because they can’t be destroyed by the bullets or guns. And the benefit of the robots in the military is that they can also use as a bomb disposal.

Entertainment Robots: I can start or explain these types of robots are used in toy robots which kids mostly like. These remote toys come in different varieties.

Domestic Robots: Due to rapid advancement in technology mainly in the artificial intelligence, as a result of which we can now use robots as a part of a family. These types of Robots performs all the daily routine work in homes like cleaning, dusting but in order to use robots for this kind of stuff, we require different robotic devices like robotic sweepers, vacuum cleaners and many more. Some telepresence robots are used in homes as household robots.

Medical Robots: Now Robots are considered as the part of the medical science and used in many medical institutions. Operations that require more precision like surgery are performed by these technologies and these robots are fall in a category of “Surgery Robots“.

Service Robots: As far as i know, there is no such application as Service Robots. The robots which fall in this category are generally made for Show-Off or may be used for data gathering.

I hope this article will help you to enhance your knowledge regarding robot technology.