Syria truth

Syria, a country in the Western Asia is a place with diverse religious groups and ethics with the beautiful fertile plains and the wonderful desserts and other exotic places to attract. In past time, this country faced tremendous challenges and the kind of violence with the killing of many people. It has been tried in this post to illustrate the condition running in this country in the previous years.

The violence started when few children were arrested for painting some anti-graffiti content over the walls. They were severely tortured and some of them were also killed that ignited the flames of the violence and the destruction. The people have started the protests because of the deaths and the government inability to punish the culprits. There is also a Syrian civil war which is a conflict between the long run government and the people. The Assad family is running the country for a long time since 1971, which is not so hard line in the religions. The people are not so protective on their laws but they use to have the issues with the failure in the field of economic and the political reforms. The chemical weapons attack happened were also the example of the civilian war. Hundreds of children were killed and still the inspectors were making the enquiries.

There are various hazardous impacts of this destruction including the massive drain of the Syrian people forcefully from their home who were caught in the violence. Each day many people came across the border and this figure reached to one million as per the UN reports. It’s really painful that people have lost their homes and they are living in such tough conditions with even no basic requirements available. It doesn’t seem that things will going to be changed so soon. There is a need for a revolution. When my visit to Australia, i went for the deep discussion and analysis. also the nights went by pokies game. This is not a fight among the black and whites. This is a deep question with a long debate discussion needed for an answer. The thing to realize after so much discussion is that the focus is to control the violence in the Syria and to provide an international platform including the countries Russia, Iran, Turkey so that the talks can be made and the official may get the satisfactory results of all such tragic incidents. We can only hope as a human being for the humanity and better life.