United States Economy

I am collecting news and United States related information to share with you. According to the latest data it is the world’s largest economy and the population of the United States is 314 million. The economy of America grew up this last year around 3.8% and it was the 12th freest economy indexed in the last year (2014). In the North America region out of the three countries the United States of America counts at the second position. But still it is not ranked in the top 10 freest economy. I also can say that the economy of the United States is quite lucky so its growth does not hurt very much, so it is very good for the trade marketing channel consumers. But now the economy growth is increasing.

In 2014 the president of the United States gave employment to reduce the unemployment rate. Starting 10 years, it worked very well in fact it ranked in the top 10 in 2006. But after 2006 it faced a dramatic decline so, it loosed almost 6 points along with the property rights, government control and corruption freedom. United States has a record to lose freedom of economy continuous seven years. Since 1995-2014 U.S counted the worst economy system with 1.2 points. The president of the United States of America, Barack Obama won the election and he did very hard effort to make the economic system better and with his effort the U.S indexed for the 12th freest economy. It was a serious concern about the U.S economy. With the help of finance and health care areas the scope and the size of the U.S government expanded but, as a result of which the economy of US Government decline.

The excessive use of government regulatory services initially helps in improving the financial sector, energy sector and also in health sector but, this expansiveness leads to some disastrous circumstances like increase in corruption and also cronyism. playing games is of much fun and impact in the US economy.The beneficial thing with the currency of the United States is that all transactions all over the world are in US dollars. This means that before any international transaction every country has to get currency from the United States. They have safe hands in this they can print as much currency as they want. That’s why the currency of the United States is strongest currency of the world. For example, if any country is buying oil than the payment of that will only be done in US dollars which mean they will convert their currency into US dollars. This is the most beneficial thing for the United States. These are some factors which play the main part in the United States economy.