US changing laws for torture

The US policies has changed a lot from few years, in terms of extracting the confidential and useful details from the. This may be the after effect of the tragic event occurred on 9/11. This is because before this incident US was the strongest supporter for the human rights and freedom. And suddenly things changed dramatically and they decided to use torture as a weapon in the war. Through this post I tried to focus on this crucial issue with my opinions and some facts being utilized.

The first thing that we think is what is actually a torture? In simple terms it is the excessive physical and mental pain applied in the custody to a person suspected of any crime. This is used to reveal the truth in many cases, but the actual way is changing drastically which is simply inhuman for a human being to tolerate. As a common example, we all are very well aware about what US behaved in the Abu Ghraib incident and then Bush expressed so much guilt for this. But in reality they are hiding their faces as treating the torture as a war against terrorism.

This can be well understood with the old facts and reports as how US treated the terrorism suspects with the in human techniques, by using shocks, burning and other mental as well as the physical injuries. Moreover, abusive ways of interrogation and cruel treatment in the jails is the common treatment given to the mere suspects, which may be the innocent people, but revealing that truth also takes years, or sometimes never. If we consider the 2003 report, the case of Peter Arnett can be observed closely, where the freedom of press has been purely neglected. Similarly, the 2010 report also states that the citizen rights have been violated by the government. There are many questions that may strike such as- is torture so crucial that its prohibition may harm US with loss of information. And if it is so much compulsory to follow, does the extent cannot be framed and limited to certain legal specified limit, so that it seems official and mandatory, but not as a bad impression among everyone.

A proper skillful and professional interrogation can be quite fruitful instead of being so hard. This is because there is no guarantee of true results through strong pressure on the suspected; rather there is much probability that the suspect will give wrong information because of the threat and to get out of this terrible situation as soon as possible. So it’s better to be fair to get fair results.