US foreign Policy and Obama Doctrine

Obama doctrine is a general style or approach of working used by the U.S. President Barack Obama in his foreign policy via his presidency time period. He thinks really different and applied new strategies for the foreign policy unlike the previous policies used by previous presidents of this strong economy. This article is an attempt to highlight the crucial aspects of the foreign policy and what are the important things being emphasized in it to make it worthful and produce fruitful results for the economy. As per the way I perceived the things, I believe that things has changed dramatically from the Washington’s time. And today the people and many members of the parliament house also believe that the US is a part of the whole world and can’t sustain running alone with his own beliefs.

In general, the foreign policy is the responsibility of the President himself. He establishes talks with the presidents of other countries to resolve the global issues with the optimum solution while maintaining the peace. With the president, other senates also contribute a big part to shape the foreign policy of the country. The other motivating field for the Aussies is the online games. While the term “Obama Doctrine” is a common term used before the Obama became the president and was only stood as the part of the candidature. But after the selection, he focused on some of the basic issues to be included in his foreign policy. He believed in negotiation with the countries and to focus more in the international organizations. He focused on the more treaties and thus to work for the economy. Also he believed to present America as a part of all, inspite of an “exceptional” force or power of the economy.

US kept in mind several points to include in its foreign policy, Such as maintaining a good relation with the allies, enhancing the human rights, equality of the power among the various countries, preserving the national security of the country, global involvement in the international organizations and to cooperate for the foreign investments. The focus of this foreign policy is to rebuild the partnership and relations with the other countries which will help in the wars or any other challenges or threats. Also, the solution to the Iraq war was also of a big concern for the officials.