US Strategic Policy

In this post, we will discuss about the US Strategic Policies. I can say that there are many fields where US is approaching their strategic such as global environment, international impact of terrorism and instability of economics. As we know that United States is having the place of unparalleled military power, large economics and great political influence. It is looking for those effective ways which could be helpful in making balance of the strength and power to favor human life and freedom. I can say US looks for peas so it is making better relations with the great powers and growing countries. US is fighting with tyrants as well terrorists for protecting the peas. US has to face many strategic challenges such as nuclear proliferation, the rise of China and international terrorists. There are some points which can be beneficial for a grand strategy. The first think is to take the planning very seriously, thinking the strategy as a process and starting from the first principle. U.S. officials should know about several things like the influence they can afford, preferable issues and geographical regions. A grand strategy requires the basic objectives to be success or achieving the goals.

  • Preventing attacks and defeating global terrorism.
  • Defusing regional conflicts by working with others.
  • Protection from threatening by the enemies with mass destruction weapons.
  • To built the democracy infrastructure for expending the development.
  • Creating agendas for corporative environment with the help of the global powers.
  • Enhancing the national security and solving the challenges for new possibilities of twenty-first century.

I can say that the United State would encourage the new and effective methods for advancement of democracy. The incident of September 11, 2001 is the biggest reason to think that a small and weak country such as Afghanistan could be dangerous to any country in the world. I think freedom is considered as the non-negotiable requirement of human peace and dignity. The casino industry is also flourishing in the US at a rapid rate. The United States takes many steps to increase the freedom of religion. Fighting against terrorism with global reach is very difficult unlike other wars. The leadership requires many things for destroying it such as commanding, controlling, communication and material support. The United States need time and resources for creating international relationships. I hope this post would be informative for knowing the US Strategic Policies.